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RobRoy Menzies

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latest bigfoot pics

James Baack

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bigfoot drawings

Sali Sheppard-Wolford

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bigfoot sketches

"Paul" from Michigan

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bigfoot eyewitness sketches

Rob Butler

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sasquatch art

Paul Smith

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Bigfoot artwork Dana Augustine

Dana Augustine

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bigfoot artwork

Greg Oakes

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ATTENTION ARTISTS: We are accepting submissions for new artists in the Bigfoot art gallery. To submit your work for consideration, please email 3-5 pieces of Bigfoot-related artwork (maximum size 640X480 pixels), a photo of yourself and a brief biography. Email it here. We welcome single pieces of artwork as well for our new Miscellaneous Artists page. Your artwork, if chosen, will be added to the queue and uploaded as time permits.

All artwork is featured on Oregonbigfoot.com with the express written permission of the artist. Material may not be reproduced in any form. Please respect the artists' copyrights and do not use these images as avatars, etc.