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Peter Oberdorf is a Designer and owner of Uppervillage Brand Communications in Portland, Oregon. His family first moved to Bend, Oregon in 1964 and then to Salem. His formative years found him spending a lot of time in the wilderness, including 7 summers fighting forest fires for the Department of Forestry. He graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in design before heading south to spend the first 14 years of his career in the San Francisco Bay Area. He returned to Oregon in 1996 to establish his company. Peter continues to frequent remote forested areas, considering them to be the only places to find quiet renewal of mind and spirit.

The sasquatch series of illustrations, shown courtesy of oregonbigfoot.com, are part of an on-going effort Peter devotes to developing accurate depictions of these still mysterious beings. He maintains a strict adherence to rendering just those features consistent with reports gathered from the most reliable eye witnesses and by studying select photographs and videos. As we look toward the day that a completely clear and indisputably verifiable photo or video is finally achieved, his hope is that, more information will be gathered to increase the accuracy of each new illustration so that they come to represent a convincing embodiment of what we know to be true to date. Constructive comments pertaining to accuracy are always welcome from anyone providing credible information.

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September 28, 2015

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May, 2015

OregonBigfoot.com is being completely redesigned for mobile phones, tablets and desktop PCs. Please pardon our dust.

October 9, 2014

Sasquatch Abductions - An examination of several historical reports of Sasquatch abductions. How many can you count that mention a group of Sasquatches in a cave at the edge of a canyon?

July 1, 2014

Bigfooting in a ghost town - Join us as we visit the remains of an old company logging town and examine sighting reports in the area

April 7, 2014

The most in-depth report on Sasquatch hair color ever conducted... I have examined 1270 reports in the Oregon Bigfoot database for color frequency. Also, thoughts on Sasquatch hair-growth patterns, a surprising analysis of Sasquatch hair compared to other great ape hair, and an examination of genetic diseases which may be apparent in eyewitness reports, including albinism, skin conditions and more.

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