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bigfoot sasquatchMY SECRET FRIEND
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My Secret Friend was written by my mother, Sali Sheppard in 1978, for her three girls (I was the youngest of the three).

While living in the foothills near Mt. Rainier in Washington state, Sasquatch became a very real, and sometimes frightening, part of everyday life. First, the children at school would tell tales of creatures being seen in the woods around the town; then the family began to have their own weird and wonderful experiences with these creatures. This intricately drawn and beautifully rhymed coloring book was written to help calm the fears of her daughters (particularly the two youngest), and to instead explore the wonder of being given a rare opportunity to experience the magic of living with Bigfoot in their backyard.

The story follows a young girl's journey as she discovers the existence of a huge, hairy "manimal" in the woods behind her home. Despite others' disbelief, she befriends the enormous beast and learns the truth about the Sasquatch mystery and something about her own species as well. A surprisingly touching ending completes the tale.

Beautiful pen-and-ink illustrations cover every page, surrounding hand-drawn boxes of text (GREAT for beginning readers!). Sali's Color and Keep Storybooks provide HOURS of creative fun for kids OR adults.


  • 8.5"x11"
  • 28 pages (black and white)
  • spiral bound so it lays flat
  • fully hand-drawn
  • age 5-95
bigfoot sasquatch
Page 3, colored (note: This is a coloring book - it will not arrive colored!)

One evening I was walking
in the woods behind our house.
I heard the bushes rustle
and I thought it was a mouse.

I heard my mother call me,
"Amber, time to take a bath."
So I forgot about the noise
and headed back along the path.

I hadn't come back very far
when, much to my surprise,
a huge and furry thing ran by!
'Twas brown and twice my size!..




Sample pages. Click on a photo to enlarge (please note that the book will arrive in black in white. Colored photos are shown for example only. THIS IS A COLORING BOOK)

bigfoot sasquatch
bigfoot sasquatch bigfoot sasquatch


bigfoot sasquatch
Author/Illustrator Sali Sheppard-Wolford (my mother), seen here with husband Bob Wolford, is a prolific writer with a natural talent for writing. A self-proclaimed junk-junkie, Sali's home in the hills of central Oregon is reminiscent of Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe. There isn't an inch of wall or shelf space not covered by some fascinating trinket. Surrounded by weird and wonderful things, she creates her stories from the ecclectic world she inhabits.

Most often recognized as "Grandma Sali" from her regular appearances on the Fox Kids Club, KLSR TV, Sali's stories continue to delight readers of all ages. She has self-published 15 Color and Keep™ children's books and has written 3 adult fiction novels. Her fourth book, Valley of the Skookum, an account of the Bigfoot-related happenings near our home in Washington State during the late 1970's, is now available through Pine Winds Press. You may order directly from the author by snail mail if you'd like an autographed copy, or order at a discount through Amazon.com:Valley of the Skookum: Four Years of Encounters With Bigfoot


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