Bigfoot Dvds and Movies

Monsterquest - Complete Season 1 (History Channel)
13 50-minute episodes cover: Kraken: the Real Leviathon, Night of the Monkey Man, Stalin's Planet of the Apes, Creature of Snellgrove Lake, China s Lake Beast, Werewolf of Bray Road, Jurassic Fish Monsters, Creatures from the Fourth Dimension, America s Loch Ness Monster, Man-Eating Birds, Giganto II, Bigfoot and the Hounds of Baskervilles.
Bigfooting In Oklahoma
Journey with Bigfoot Researcher Esther Schritter as she interviews eyewitnesses of the most famous creature of cryptozoology
On Bigfoot Mountain
Paranormal Investigator Dick Criswell takes you on a physical and spiritual journey to BIGFOOT MOUNTAIN near Oakland, Oregon. Meet Stan Johnson, an amazing eye witness to the Bigfoot phenomenon who sheds light on the origin of this legendary creature and reveals his communications with them. View the gateway he uses to meet them and more in this exclusive interview.
Legend Hunters - Episode 4 - Bigfoot
Does an eight-foot-tall ape run wild in North America? Witnesses say they've seen it- even captured it on film. Yet many still claim it is only a myth-a monster story. In this episode of Legend Hunters we investigate the well known, yet strictly secret, "Monster Central" where our hunters lead us in an exploration in a place, never before shown on film.
Eyes In The Dark: The Sasquatch Experience
In 1975, five year old Todd Partain was terrified along with members of his family when something with glowing eyes tried to get into their isolated trailerhome on a dark Arkansas mountainside. That something left behind giant humanoid footprints. Now as a documentary filmmaker, he brings you the stories of others who have had...the Sasquatch Experience.
The Long Way Home: A Bigfoot Story
From the producers of UFOTV
Monster Hunters: Ordinary People on an Extraordinary Mission
Monster Hunters is a fun peek into the world of cryptozoology, a world where amateurs and experts work side by side, looking to prove the fantastic.
2004 East Coast Bigfoot Conference
Does Bigfoot Exist? What are the leading theories in current Bigfoot research? Does Bigfoot exist on the East Coast? What equipment is being used to track the elusive animal? These and many other questions will be answered in this three-disc DVD set that will explore detailed evidence that has been collected by investigators. Listen to strange reports of encounters with unknown creatures. Examine photographs of unidentified tracks and pinpoint sighting locations on maps.
Bigfoot Lives
Tom Biscari documentary. The following may be of interest: The unidentified severed hand from Idaho Falls
B) Hiriam Upham's juvenile leg video (slightly disturbing when viewed), lost buried in his field - Browning, MT
C) Mike Sell's unidentified large grave skeleton and purported 'attack' encounter video - Paris, TX
Sesquac: The Story Of Sasquatch Being a Sasquatch can't be easy. It's a busy life. Day to day nuisances like paparazzi, or so called TV "animal experts" dressed as bananas keep trying to bring light to your personal situation, you barely have time to skateboard and swim and club it up and do your Sasquatch-y things...
Bigfoot's Reflection
This documentary pores over the principal evidence of the last fifty years and plunges into those cold, rugged and dark places where the final proof continues to elude them; a place where few hazard to even venture.
They Call Him Sasquatch
A hilarious look at Bigfoot research! This new movie is destined to become a cult classic among Bigfoot aficionados. I LOVED this movie!
The Mysterious Monsters
A classic 1970's bigfoot documentary FINALLY available on DVD! Bigfoot: living creature, or myth? Join your host Peter Graves, as he attempts to answer that question in The Mysterious Monsters - one of the most fascinating documentaries ever filmed.
Scream of the Sasquatch 
Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a mysterious, hairy, apelike beast is rumored to dwell. It stands nearly eight feet tall, walks like a man, and weighs over six hundred pounds. The American Indians feared and respected it. They called it Sasquatch.
Sasquatch Mountain
A group of vicious bank robbers find themselves on the run in the Arizona Mountains. They band together with their pursuing law officers when a legendary creature begins to stalk them one by one.
Rocky Mountain Bigfoot
Shot by 5-time Emmy-winner and his intrepid crew, this fresh look at the species includes unprecedented access to the nation's top bigfoot research, Dr. Jeff Meldrum; detailed examinations of key sightings; and a unique expedition deep into the Rocky Mountain wilderness--to the exact location of a famed encounter.
The Legend of Boggy Creek
A documentary-style drama which examines encounters with a monster in an Arkansas swamp.
Also available on VHS
Boggy Creek 2 - and the Legend Continues...
Professor and students camp out to find Bigfoot- type creature.
Return to Boggy Creek
The denizens of an isolated fishing village are shocked when a photographer returns from an outing at a nearby creek with a photo of a monster he saw there.
Ape Canyon
In "Ape Canyon" a lone Bigfoot (North America's Greatest Lover) roams the forests of the Pacific Northwest. He brings his gift of Red Hot Sasquatch Love to nature-loving ladies everywhere, whether they're hugging trees or simply camping and hiking.
Creature From Black Lake
Two trackers working in the Louisiana backwoods encounter a strange and dangerous creature. Shortly after one of the trackers disappears, a deadly confrontation ensues.
Three classic Bigfoot horror films
This two-DVD set features one of the rarest Bigfoot movies ever produced: "Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot", a cult-classic in its own right within the Bigfoot community, and two other films that have seen their share of DVD action in recent years, "Snowbeast" and "Snow Creature."
Among Us
When low-budget horror filmmaker Billy D`Amato and his crew enter the Pennsylvania woods in search of the legendary Bigfoot, they just hope to get some footage of the creature. Billy never expects that he and his crew will become the hunted, as the supposedly peaceful creature violently pursues the crew over the course of a night from which they may not escape!
Scott Herriott is in his mid-forties and he believes in Bigfoot. In 1992, he feels he came within 40 feet of one of these beings. There was video involved. Yes, it is in the film.
Sasquatch Science: Searching for Bigfoot LIVE 2 DVD Set
(2 PC SET)
Presents the worlds leading researchers - 40 years of in-depth scientific exploration of the Sasquatch Phenomenon; historical background, anthropological controversy, footprint investigation, film and photo analysis, and features researchers; D. Jeffrey Meldrum, Ph.D, John A. Bindernagel, Ph.D, Gordon Strasenburgh, Ph.D, and John Green, Ph.D.
Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt for Bigfoot
DVD collector's edition - This is the story of the hunt for Bigfoot and the four old-men who have been searching for the elusive, mythical creature for the last 40 years.
Sasquatch Hunters
B-Movie: Venturing into an uncharted area of the pacific northwest, a group of forest rangers and paleontologists must fight for their survival as they face a terrifying killer
Secrets of the Unknown: Big Foot (1989) VHS
Big Foot spotters describe their encounters with the being, and catch a glimpse of what might be an authentic film of Big Foot.
The Capture of Bigfoot (1979) VHS
Reportedly a VERY campy 70's B movie. Watch at your own risk!
Ghosts: True Hauntings in Montana (2003)
A great gift for 3rd to 7th graders. Collected Montana Ghost stories--two movie versions, text versions in slide show format of 16 stories, plus exclusive photos of what may be Montana's bigfoot.
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