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New Bigfoot Video and Audio

A notable post this morning from Larry Surface on his blog:

“Success at last!! After many months of patient waiting, I caught a Bigfoot on Video! Those who have followed my blog may remember that I said it would be necessary to use moon light without any infrared lighting, well that has been the case.”

Click here to view the video

Also, check out these audio posts:

Two or Three Bigfoots Whooping


Two Bigfoot Howling

Larry’s profile states: “My experience was gained by hunting, trapping, farming, and timber cutting. My goal is to prove the existence of Sasquatch so they can have legal protection…”

Erickson Project Photo Released

I’m still working on the next post in the “Sasquatch Semantics” series, so please bear with me.

In the meantime, an article was recently published in the Maple Ridge News regarding the Erickson Project. Word has it that Adrian Erickson has several pieces of footage of Sasquatches that have been incorporated into a documentary we discussed here last year, Sasquatch: The Quest. However, apparently Erickson is waiting to release the documentary until Melba Ketchum’s DNA project results are published in a scientific journal.

The article mentions the footage several times:

Something stinks… and it ain’t bigfoot

OK. I’m almost done with this mess.

This wouldn’t be such an issue if:

A) I hadn’t spent so much time and gas money following up on these reported local sightings

B) Linda would come clean or the real Bill Emery would please stand up

C) This wasn’t happening right here in my backyard AND

D) I didn’t hate the smell of fish

See, there’s a bunch of fishiness going on over at Ballyhoo, and Linda apparently has no interest in getting to the bottom of it. I, however, do., if only for the reasons mentioned above. Stick with me, if you can handle the smell of fish.

Bally…who? Anonymous sighting reports

This is the last blog post I plan on this topic. I generally prefer to talk about bigfoot rather than bigfootery. But there are some things I’d like to share with you which may offer a bit of perspective.

Soon after I began the Oregon Bigfoot blog, Linda Newton-Perry offered to guest blog here. I politely declined. Shortly after, she began her own blog: Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

New bigfoot photos? Or a bunch of… Ballyhoo?

I’ve bit my tongue until it’s bled. Sorry… can’t do it anymore.

Apparently, there has been quite an uproar for some time now regarding some purported Bigfoot photos taken by a team of little-known bigfoot researchers near Sru Lake here in Oregon.

It all began several weeks ago, when a local gal by the name of Linda Newton Perry (she lives a stone’s throw down the road from me, if you’re throwing rural stones) began reporting on her blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, that a team of field researchers led by a man named Bill Emery had captured “clear and compelling” images of a Sasquatch.

Fairdale, Kentucky “BackYard Bigfoot” photo revisited

Oregon Bigfoot blog reader, Dave Conover, has offered the following enhancement of the Kenny Mahoney photograph (my original post on this subject can be found here).


Awesome work, Dave!!!! Very clear enhancement of the Mahoney photo and excellent illustration of what you see.

What do YOU think, guys and gals?

[Edited to add: Here’s the full-screen grab from Dave. Thanks again, Dave! :)]


[Added 9/12/09 – An additional analysis by OB Artist Scott Davis:]


Thanks, Scott! :)

[Added 9/13/09: Additional enhancements, and a gorilla comparison photo from Tookra:]

Bigfoot creature photographed in Sierra National Forest

Article, comments and my photo analysis are below:

Bigfoot creature photographed in Sierra National Forest

The Bigfoot creature may have been captured on a remote trail camera placed in the Sierra National Forest, based on photography evidence released by Sanger Paranormal Society.

Investigator Jeffrey Gonzalez said Tuesday night that multiple cameras were put in place in this remote area on Memorial Day weekend, and retreived on June 7, 2009.

Gonzalez said they did not immediately see the evidence, but upon closer inspection, noticed what appears to be the Bigfoot creature.


Real Bigfoot Pictures

If you go to and search for “real bigfoot pictures”, you end up with links to Youtube. Sadly. Your first choice appears to be a link to a video that, if you can stand the thrash metal, will take you through photos including the Patterson Gimlin film, a few sad fakes and hoaxes and a photo of Michael Jackson. Last time I checked, his feet were relatively small (he was not a large man).

The next one on the list is a link to a video that includes the Dead Bigfoot in the Freezer hoax from those brainiacs down in Georgia. Great. Chalk one more up to credible evidence and satisfactory search results.