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Big Hairy Anecdotal Evidence

Sasquatches are hairy. Each and every bigfoot book – including those by highly-regarded scientists who’ve entered the fray – tells us  so. There is, however, currently not one shred of falsifiable, scientific proof that it is so. There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest such, but no proof.

Anecdotal evidence is been defined as “non-scientific observations or studies, which do not provide proof but may assist research efforts, usually made by observers who are not scientifically trained”.

We accept the “fact” that Sasquatches are hairy, despite the fact that it is not, in fact, a fact based on any scientific evidence but rather anecdotal evidence.

Something stinks… and it ain’t bigfoot

OK. I’m almost done with this mess.

This wouldn’t be such an issue if:

A) I hadn’t spent so much time and gas money following up on these reported local sightings

B) Linda would come clean or the real Bill Emery would please stand up

C) This wasn’t happening right here in my backyard AND

D) I didn’t hate the smell of fish

See, there’s a bunch of fishiness going on over at Ballyhoo, and Linda apparently has no interest in getting to the bottom of it. I, however, do., if only for the reasons mentioned above. Stick with me, if you can handle the smell of fish.

Mom chases Bigfoot

How did I NOT know that this was out on DVD? It seems like the last time I looked, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Or maybe that was just through Blockbuster online. Anyway, I’m JAZZED! Rowan doesn’t have this in her library yet. And, erm… neither did I. *grin*


Harry and the Hendersons (Special Edition)

A couple of days ago, Rowan and I were down at Gram-Gram’s house (my grandmother – her great) and Rowan was out on the porch playing with kindling. (Yes, she has other toys – she just likes firewood. *grin*)

Recording Bigfoot Sounds


For years now, researchers have been using a technique known as “call blasting” in order to attempt to elicit a vocal response from sasquatches. But is it recommended… or effective?

As far as I’m concerned, the jury’s still out on call blasting, and there many things to consider before you go tromping out into the woods with a ghetto blaster and your favorite tape of bigfoot screams. :)


Since the whole idea behind call blasting is to get a response and, hopefully, record it. With that in mind, you’ll need some equipment.

Local encounters – new research area

I’m living in Douglas County now, in a small cabin in the Umpqua river valley. We’re surrounded by mountains.

I grew up here and have spent countless hours roaming the woods on this side of the river. There are very few Bigfoot reports from over here, which is strange, because you can’t throw a stick without hitting viable habitat for a Sasquatch. I always just figured that, for one reason or another, the creatures simply didn’t find this area much to their liking.