From Ray Crowe's Track Record #48 - June, 1995

Rip Lyttle reports interviewing Stewart, a professional fish and game guide. He was looking for a house to buy 5-6 miles out of Estacada, OR, on Porter Road. The property owners said that Bigfoot had been seen around there about five times.

Also, early Saturday morning Rip was at the Molalla River campsite, 20 miles south of Molalla, OR, and the TV people he was with said something was growling and shook their tent around 3-4 AM. Steve Williams also talked to a neighbor that works for the BLM, and said two days ago on Saturday, 6/24, there was a Bigfoot report from near Molalla, OR. The BLM investigated and found bear droppings, a dud report. What was interesting, is that the BLM has to respond to all the calls on Bigfoot, Steve learned, and has asked his contact to see it there is a Bigfoot log available somewhere.

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