Mary's Peak - While visiting a waterfall, a coffee can is thrown at couple file# 00003


Date:april , 1995
Benton county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:
Mary's Peak Rd.



Description of event: From Ray Crowe's Track Record # 49:Witness and his wife, drove up Marys Peak Road, OR, three months ago, still lotsa' snow on top in mid-April. Marys Peak, 4097 feet, is the highest mountain in Oregon's Coast Range (T12N R7W, Sec. 21). Coming down, around 4:30 PM, an hour and a half before dark, they stopped to admire the wildflowers at a waterfall. Witness, all of a sudden felt the hair on his neck rise, and felt as if time was temporarily suspended. About that time there was a flash past the window, and a tinny tink-tink on the ground. An old rusty, dented, blue 2# coffee can (Maxwell?) banged on the ground near them. If he had been outside, it would have hit him, he said. Scared, he immediately left, and glancing back, near the road guardrail, he glimpsed a tall blurry form that was reddish-brown, only 200 feet away and over the guardrail. Not positive, he said it could possibly have been a tree...or a Bigfoot. He has read a lot on the creature and hopes it was a Bigfoot he glimpsed. In the past when Bigfoot throws things, it has been guessed that it was to scare away intruders. If so, it worked again.

Source: The Track Record
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