6 miles w of Alsea - Joe Beelart sees a BF outlined in the headlights

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Date:december 25, 1993
Benton county, OR
Nearest town:
near Alsea
Nearest road:
logging roads


Description of event: From Ray Crowe's Track Record # 73:Joe Beelart of West Linn, told of an incident six miles east of Alsea, OR (see Letters to the editor for more info). It was Christmas 1993, and he had taken an after-dinner ride with a couple of young male relatives, when the headlights outlined the six foot creature, busy tearing apart a rotted log, apparently for grubs. The eyes did not reflect in the headlights, as is often reported. Also there was no pointed head on the bulky, flat chested, muddy and scraggly creature, but he mentioned there might have been a crest on the apparent male's head. It gave the onlookers an angry look that terrified them...just talking about it at the meeting made the hair on Joe's arms stand erect. It finally took forceful strident steps away, climbed a bench on the hill and went into the timber, having been in view for about 15 seconds. They went right home, but Joe had told the nephews that it was a bear, full knowing what he had seen. A Q&A session after the talk yielded more detail. The nose was somewhat human; there were strong facial features; the hands were large, with long fingers that were dark and hairy. It didn't seem

Source: The Track Record
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