Strange rock stacks in the Abiqua Basin file# 00054


Date: , mid-90's
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:





Description of event: The first two are pics I took along the Abiqua River. I was about 2 miles
behind a locked gate. Had taken a road down towards the river and an old,
grown over, spur road about a half mile from the river. The first thing I
noticed was a three foot diameter rock atop a fifteen foot stump. Being
about a quarter mile from a logged off area, i didn't think much about
this...I think loggers like to do these things. Looking around the area,
there was about 10 to 12 piles of stacked rocks. Some stacked so unique that
they seemed to require hours of labor. In a small cut bank was the following
little shelter looking thing.(don't know what else to call it) Measured
about 4x4 inches. Still have a pic of stacked rocks also....probably many
more around here some place.

This was the mid 90ties and I did show them to Peter, Ray, Larry, and and
anyone else who would take a look. They all said yea....ok....could be kids
playing. Could be, but.....what kind of kids spend that much time
way....way...out in the forest playing???? I know I have always wondered.

Steve Williams
PS. It had rained as always in Oregon and not a hint of a footprint
anywhere. Ideas anyone??


The Abiqua River, or creek as it is on some maps, is east of Silverton
Oregon. Then swings out North of Silverton, south of Molalla Ore. The area I
was in is in whats known as the Abiqua Basin, foothills to the Cascade
Mountain Range. The closes civilation is Drakes Crossing, approx eight miles
from where I was at. Beautiful place, heavy logging area, closes mines are
all closed down many years ago. Flows about 6 air miles from the Molalla
River at some points.

It was the mid nineties and the road was a spur road, cut off by burrows dug
by BLM to keep vehicles out, extremely overgrown. Couldn't drive down it
anyway and recently, couldn't find it. This little thing was in a dirt cut
bank that still existed from building the spur road. The rock piles were
scattered around on and off the road. No other signs of human activity,
campfires, garbage, beer cans, old car seats, etc.......The normal stuff
that pigs make when they are out camping. Will go looking for pic of area.
The interesting part was that the rocks were not just stacked. They were
artistically stacked, lots of labor involved.

Steve Williams

Source: researcher Steve Williams
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