near Buchanan Cr. - Man watches creature for 1/2 hour, finds half-eaten coyote carcass file# 00122


Date:September 19, 1990
Clatsop county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:
Buchanan Creek Road


down toward the Oregon coast, in the mountains behind Cannon


Description of event: It wasn't until Sept. 19th, 1990 until Scott saw BF again. He had been elk hunting and was down toward the Oregon coast, in the mountains behind Cannon Beach. The area is near Grassy lake, sec. 13, T4N, R1OW, access by Buchanan Creek Road, turning near the fish hatchery; Scott had seen a herd of 25 elk come out of a thicket, and shot a bull.He gutted and quartered the elk, and then explored around a bit in his 1989 Ford Escort. Having time to kill, he grabbed his fishing pole and started to climb up towards Grassy Lake. Before he got very far from the car he heard a weird sound 250-300 yards away. He could see the 'hump' of something in a grove of young 8 1/2 foot
tall Christmas trees. He walked on back to the car where he got his rifle
and looked at the hump through the 35 power scope. He could see a 'hand'
come up, and it pushed one of the trees down, and he realized that something
was bending over, but he was still sure that he was seeing the rear end of a
bear. He was able to watch for an hour and a half, and didn't think the bear
knew Scott was there. There was a light rain mixed with snow falling, and he
was getting bored, so honked the horn of his car. The things head came up, a
foot and a half above the trees and Scott realized he was seeing another of
the "things." After looking around, the head went back down to what it was
doing, completely ignoring Scott a presence.

Half an hour later it still hadn't moved and Scott went up the road behind
the Bigfoot on a cliff to see what he was doing. The thing was chattering,
making deep hollow noises like pig grunts. Still 150-200 yards away it was
doing something with its hands. Scott saw another white truck along the
road, "road-hunting.' The BF lowered itself to the ground until it was past,
then raised back up. Finally Scott shot a rifle bullet in the air, and the
head came back up, looking frantically around. It looked right at him, "like
it didn't give a rat's ass who saw him.' It kept flipping an arm upwards,
chattering and stamping its foot down like it wanted him to leave. Scott
fired a second round, and it gave him a dirty look and finally left, running
to a nearby hillside ridge incredibly fast, covering the mildly rough
terrain in a minute and a half, then it 'jumped' into the steep Oliver
Canyon where it finally disappeared. The ravine was about 200 feet deep, and
in a little bit he could see something moving into the distant forest, and
then it was gone.

Descending to see what the Bigfoot had been doing Scott found a dead coyote
in an animal trap. The coyote had a broken neck, and there was lots of blood
and coyote hair around. The guts and rear half of the animal had been eaten.
The Bigfoot was a dark olive brown color, but there was a lot of gray, which
led Scott to speculate that it was an older creature, maybe with bad teeth,
and that's why it ate the softer entrails and rear portion of the coyote.
The head and front legs were all that was left...tho maybe if Scott hadn
scared him away it would have finished the meal. The hind legs of a coyote
are supposed to be very tender, while the front legs are muscular.

It was getting dark, so Scott came back the next day. There were 24 inch
long prints that the 10' tall Bigfoot left, besides ten strands of 5 inch
long hairs on a tree branch. At the base of the 200' deep ravine where BF
jumped there were two solid footprints deeply impressed into the soil. He
followed the spoor of the BF hack into the hills, the trail had a sweet
smelling stench, like something dead. Eventually he came to a cave, fairly
large inside, that even had a pool of water in it from a spring. It looked
like something had slept there, but it could have been a bear Scott said.

Source: The Track Record #11
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