Near Bandon, Lampa Valley Rd Sighting by two young men on motorcycles file# 00130


Date: , 1996
Coos county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Lampa Valley Rd


Toward the back of Mooormill,Out Lampa Valley road.Near Bandon,Oregon. Coos county.Near Highway #42 south.


Description of event: My name is Dustin Anderson and my friends name is Dustin Evernden. We were riding our motorcycles one day and we decided to stop and rest for awhile.When we looked across the valley,we saw a large animal about 6'-7' tall,very wide shoulders,and walking on 2 legs. We watched it get up,walkaround on 2 feet,and sit down on nearby stump.We didn't go and check it out,because if we just happen to meet it on our way and it go balistic on us we might have been in a little of trouble.So we got the hell out of there.

ALSO NOTICED: No animals or game of any sort.

OTHER WITNESSES: Riding motorcycles.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Sometime during the summer of 1996

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest,lots of hills.Lampa Creek.

Source: BFRO
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