3 miles S of Bend - Man finds 80' of tracks near home

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Date:January 11, 1998
Deschutes county, OR
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snow on ground

3 miles south of Bend


Description of event: Ron's friend, Byron Lewellen a Forest Service engineer, from three miles south of Bend, had found tracks in the snow at his home. The tracks went up on the patio to the dog food, then across 80-90 feet in fresh snow to, but not into, the barn (stayed four feet from door), circled around the barn, and went into the forest, traveling NNW. This was on Sunday morning the 11th when he noted the tracks, but was somewhat afraid of the maker, and did not investigate further or take photos. There was a 4 1/2 - 5 foot stride, except on the far side of the barn where it only took two foot steps. The 18-20 inch tracks were seven inches at the ball and four inches at the heel. Tracks were gone the next day when snow melted.

Source: The Track Record #73
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