Deschutes National Forest - Man falls and breaks leg, is rescued by two creatures file# 00161


Date:July 13, 1996
Deschutes county, OR
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Description of event: Nathan Peak reports: Hav Tranh was hiking in the Deschutes National Forest, OR (couldn't or wouldn't tell exactly where), July 13, 1996. He had been hiking up a steep slope, slipped and fell, breaking his leg, a compound fracture with the bone sticking out. He passed out, and when he regained consciousness, there were two Bigfeet hovering over him. The larger one was 7 1/2-8 feet, a gray white color (age?) eyes black with no whites (only humans are known to have "whites" to their eyes), large sloping forehead, peaked head-domed, very big feet. The second creature was 7 1/2-8 feet, sandy colored gray with a white ruff on top of its head. They were very hairy and he couldn't see any sex. They were jabbering at each other with their small mouths, but not using "words," but indistinct noises. He passed out again, and did not reawaken until his wife, Gioking (Nathan believes they were from Vietnam) shook him awake, and said two ape-men had carried him out of the forest and deposited him near her. She said they were horribly ugly and added that they had very long hair except on the face, heads, and feet. She took him to the hospital to have the leg fixed. Nathan has recently moved, without a phone yet.

Source: The Track Record #69
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