Near Broken Top and Green Lake BF rubs against campers' tent, eats food from campsite file# 00168


Date:July 8, 1984
Deschutes county, OR
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Description of event: : That night my buddy and i were camping on a open hill that is frequently stoped on by hikers during the days the trail is open. We were both having trouble getting to sleep so we decided to play some cards which I had packed in my bag at about this time was when our fire was getting quiet and it was dimming. The time was 1:10am just minutes after I had taken out my cards and started dealing them out I heard the strangest sound, it's hard to explain what it sounded like but I'll try. It was like someone trying to gasp for air but in a creepy high pitched sound the noise was sporatic and hair raising we stopped talking and gave each other a look he said it must be some sort of bird but in the pitch dark of the first morning hours and these where deep noise's I heard, not some damn bird. I wanted to beleive my friend but could'nt I started getting drowsy do to a long day of hiking. I fell into a light sleep still keeping in mind what I had heard. A rustling in some bushes had awoken me but not my friend. I sat up bumping my head on the hot lantern that had been out for almost 20 minutes. I looked around as If I could actually see anything out side the tent. I heard heavy yet quiet foot steps on the light dirt and gravel ground. Slowly I reached in to the stuff sack where a kept my skindiving knife as I was carefuly sliding it out of the sheath I heard the crumpling of the powerbar wrappers that had bin already half eaten. Thats when my friend awoke with the words "what the hell is out side our tent." I did'nt answer. The crumpling of the wrappers continued as it did a smell became apparent it smelled like rotten eggs mashed over a greasy sweaty athlete. Then A huge body rubbed against our tent from the dent in the dark I could tell this being was enormous. Eventualy the smell was gone and we both were awake till dawn we had packed in the darkk when there did'nt seem to be a threat so when dawn came we quickly pulled down our 2 person tent and got the f*** out of dodge.

Description of Creature: slightly hunched and smelled like a wet dog.

Activities of Witness: Eating at Pilot Butte Drive in then at about 6:00 p.m. after swimming in Elk lake we hiked in to Green lake and chilled out pretty much while we talked and cooked patatoes with water.

Source: GCBRO
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