Hemlock Lake - Hiker finds cave with footprints and other BF evidence

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Date: , 1969
Douglas county, OR
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Description of event: From Ray Crowe in an email dated 12/06/01:

Near Hemlock Lake, east of Roseburg, Umpqua National Forest. Summertime, 1969, witness (could not be located at the time) was in search of artifact and discovered a hidden cave. Leading from the cave in a fine pumice formation were several human footprints, but as it was getting dark and witness and partner were spooked, left. Returned two weeks later and there were even more and fresher tracks, measured 23 and 7/8 inches long and 9 3/4 inches wide. The foot was heavily calloused across the ball of the foot, and there were several cracks in the heel and the ball of the foot..
A month later they returned to the cave again, with camera. Making an accidental noise, the turned and glimpsed something coming from the cave and going to their left. It seemed to be 7 feet tall, and covered with black hair. It's tracks were in the pumice dust along with many other tracks. Witness unsure if more than one creature had been in the area.
Using flashlight, the cave was large. There were hides of animals spread out like they were a bed. The shaggy hides still had the hair on them, and looked like they had been used a long time. A very foul odor permeated the cave...witness said it was sickening. There were many more tracks similar to those outside of the cave.
Numerous animal bones had been stripped of flesh and a freshly killed deer with part of the flesh removed was seen. The creature had rolled the hide back, and gnawed or torn of the flesh with a crude tool of some kind (not in evidence in the report). There was no sign of fire. Photos were taken (no sign of them now).
Several months later they returned again. As they approached, there was a noise near the cave opening...and the creature started toward them, but didn't seem to see them until right on them...it came within three feet. They were so startled that they forgot to take the picture they had come for.
It looked to be over seven feet tall, and looked like a giant ape, or a gorilla. It was covered with short shaggy hair, but the face was smooth. At the cave they did measure the strides (steps) of the creature...they were five feet apart
Witnesses visited the cave during the spring and summer for more than two years, and told nobody. The researchers who tried to find them in the mid-'70s ended in failure. One witness was a Native American, and had told friends about the encounters. A landslide eventually covered the mouth of the cave.

Source: Ray Crowe email dated 12-06-01
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