Cascade Locks - Two night-hikers are followed on Herman Creek Trail file# 00208


Date:August , 1975
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Cascade Locks
Nearest road:




Description of event: Jeff Dolan reports that he and a friend were on a night hike in late August of 1975. They were near Cascade Locks, Oregon, on the Herman Creek trail. They liked to hike at night using flashlights when needed...there was some small amount of moonlight on this trip. Setting camp at night, they would hike back the next day, and would have enjoyed both the night and daylight scenes. This trip, they noticed something following them. They would take three or four steps and stop, and the 'something' behind them
would take a few steps also, then stop too. This continued for some time,
and they decided next time that they would stop, and flash their lights
behind them to try and catch a glimpse of what was trailing them. They
flashed the lights back on cue and, "all hell broke loose!' There was a
terrific thrashing in the woods as whatever it was took off. They never did
see what it was, but ruled out other animals, certain it was Bigfoot
following them.

Something else strange happened on that trip. After camp was set up, pegs
for the tent in the ground, they went to sleep. The next morning the first
thing that Jeff noticed is that his glasses were missing. Somehow, they had
managed to get from where he kept them behind his the outside of
the tent, and one lens was broken! His friend said he thought he had heard
something moving around outside of the tent that night.

Source: The Track Record #10
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