Near Klamath Lake - Two elk hunters see female BF that appears to be lactating file# 00250


Date:August 13, 1994
Klamath county, OR
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Description of event: On August 13th, Pat Garnier of the Sioux Nation, and Klamath Chief Buddy Parazou, were poaching elk 1 1/2 miles SW of Pelican Butte, OR (T35S R5E Sec. 30), about five miles west of the upper end of Klamath Lake. On top of a ridge in heavy forest, Pat reported seeing a "demon," or he says, a woman
gorilla. He knows it was female, as the estimated 7 1/2 foot creature had
bare breasts, and appeared to be lactating, with child (not seen). The skin
was a light brown, but the rest of the creature was dark brown. They
sighted-in on the creature with loaded rifles, watching through their
scopes. Pat said that canine teeth were seen and the creature was about 50
yards away. A loud scream was heard. They had no intentions of shooting the
creature, and rapidly left the area.

Source: The Track Record #40
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