Knappa Canyon Man, hunting, finds large matted down area with huge dung piles and bleached bones file# 00256


Date:August , 1979
Klamath county, OR
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Description of event: Vic McDaniel told me of a place he had found in the woods west of Knappa Canyon Dam down in Klamath County in August of 1979. Bigfoot house he calls the place. While chasing a deer he had shot, it bounded into a very dense thicket of trees about 150 yards off the road. He couldn't find the deer, but he did find a strange clearing...there was no grass or trees in the well "stomped" area of about 30-40 feet in a rough oval. At the north end of the
oval there were piles of poop, some 2-3 feet high, and at the other end of
the clearing was a pile of bones...some bleached, some with meat still on

Source: The Track Record #3
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