near Bly Mt. - Kids and Mom in camper exoerience growling, the camper is shaken and they see a large hairy body outside file# 00257


Date: , 1973
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:
Lakeview road

Near the summit of Bly Mountain, east of Klamath Falls off the Lakeview Rd


Description of event: One of our charter members Roy Caddy has had several interesting 'experiences' with Bigfoot. His first, and probably most terrifying, happened when he was only thirteen years old, back in 1973. The; two younger brothers--Dennis 7 and Lee 3; Mike, 7--a friend of Dennis's; and a friend of Roy's, Kenny, also 13, were staying for awhile on uncle Curt's property in the pine forests near the summit of Bly Mountain, about 6,000 feet, east of Klamath Falls off the Lakeview road. Uncle didn't come up to the property much, but the relatives often visited there, staying in one of the 12x40', long narrow trailer houses so commonly seen in rural areas around Oregon. There was a permanent foundation, but no electricity up there yet.It was 11pm, and the kids, as kids do, were talking "spooky stuff.' The only
light was from a Coleman lantern, and as it was sputtering...the trailer
started to rock on its foundation. Terrified kids were screaming and crying;
mom scared too...tried her best to calm them. Roy, his .22 rifle locked up
in the car, rummaged through the knife drawer. There were noises going all
around the trailer, a wheezy 'hwuff...hwuff," mixed with a curious deep
throated "RRRrrrrRRRrrr," almost like a giant cat purring...and you could
hear the giant footsteps prowling outside. The trailer shook again... more
violently this time. They were afraid it was going to turn over. It was
quiet for several minutes... mom carefully pulled back the curtain from the
louvered, roll back window, flashlight at hand. Roy and mom saw nothing but
a mass of hair. They were looking at a monsters belly! The 6-7" long hair
was shining-glossy, like a bears. Clean and not matted.

Letting the curtain drop back, mom told all the children to scream as loud
as they could. They gladly obeyed mom this time. It apparently worked,
scaring the monster away, as their was no further rocking of the trailer or
strange noises that night. Thinking back Roy could have been his
back as well as his belly...all we saw was hair. The view from the window
was 6-7 feet off the ground. It was too dark to tell the color for sure, but
Roy thinks it might have been dark brown.

In the morning they cautiously looked around. The ground has hard, covered
with pine needles, and their were no tracks visible. Along the top of the
trailer thoughh...giant hand prints in the dust where the monster had stood
gripping the trailer. Climbing up they could see the prints on top, and the
thumbs on the side, where he had pushed, causing the trailer to rock
back-and-forth. No nail marks...there were black bears in the area...but 12
ft up? Mom gathered the kids and their gear and left...quickly.

Source: The Track Record #1
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