Withers Lake, near Paisley Tracks found near a lake by witnesses

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Date:October , 1999
Lake county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Highway 31, USFS Rd 3360


Withers Lake, Paisley Ranger District, Fremont National Forest


Description of event: Tracks of 3 "animals", different sizes. at the edge of the lake in soft soil. Looked like they were feeding on the underwater plants at one end of the Lake. Tracks indicated that they were at that location on 2 different occassions in early October, 1999. Single animal'strack was first observed, On a return visit about two weeks later there were three sets of tracks. All the tracks were at the edge of lake where a large leafed underwater plant was growing. We observed that the plants had been stripped from the water where the tracks were found. I photographed and video taped the tracks and the area. I have visited the site several times in November and December and have found no more evidence. The tracks were destroyed by weather before I could get a plaster cast made. I have a video tape and several photos of the tracks.

ENVIRONMENT: Fresh water lake at bottom of 35 mile long Winter Rim, Pine Forest.

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Source: BFRO
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