Three young hunters hear very loud scream across Diamond Peak Wilderness valley file# 00267


Date:September , 2000
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
An old logging road, with a dead end.
It was a bright day; that day also hot.
It happened in the afternoon about 3:30.
It was near the Diamond Peak Wilderness area maybe within five miles near it


Description of event: Myself and my two cousins were out hunting. I had met up with my younger cousin and we both hiked up to an old logging road. We then heard a very loud scream come from across a valley. It was about a mile or so across and the scream seemed so loud at first I thought that some lady was screaming for help or something. The screaming lasted for just a short time, mabey 30-45 seconds or so. I Asked my cousins what that sound was and they said they have never heard it before even though they have hunted these woods for about seven years now. I then remembered that I read in a book that sasquatch sometimes make a loud screaming noise. I still do not know exactly what made that noise.

OTHER WITNESSES: The were three witnesses including myself. We were waiting on an old logging road for my older cousin.

ENVIRONMENT: It occured in the Cascade Mountains, with Ponderosa pines and Douglas firs being the most abundant trees in the area.

A & G References: DeLorme Atlas & Gazetter. p43 D8

Source: BFRO
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