Hikers come face to face with BF, it slings deer carcass over its shoulder

Oregonbigfoot.com file# 00279


Date: , 1988 (approx - late 80's)
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
McKenzie Bridge
Nearest road:
Hwy 126


Linton Lake


Description of event: In the other case, which occurred about ten years later, two fisherman were hiking to a small lake near Linton Lake when they came up behind what they thought was a bear feeding on something in a meadow. As they approached, it stood up and turned to face them and they found themselves face to face with a seven ft tall BF. They stood facing this creature at a distance of maybe 100 ft not knowing what to do. Finally one of the fellows started fumbling in his jacket for a 22 he was carrying when his friend yelled at him, "Are you nuts?, Don't even think about it!" At this point the BF reached down and slung a dear carcass over its shoulder and walked off into the woods. The two fellows turned and fled the opposite direction back to their truck.

Source: GCBRO
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