Witnesses were fishing from a raft when they saw two Bigfeet

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Date:June 30, 1972
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
near Mt. Jefferson
Nearest road:



base of Mt. Jefferson


Description of event: xcerpt, from Bigfoot by B. Ann Slate and Alan Berry (pp. 55-56):

Thomas E. Smith of Portland, Oregon, writes, "In late June of 1972, a friend and I went fishing in the Cascades at the base of Mt. Jefferson. I don't know the name of the lake or if it has one. I so know that we had been able to reach it only after descending a very steep, boulder-strewn cliff for perhaps a thousand feet.

"As we sat in our two-man rubber raft on the lake, enjoying the great sighing, my friend mentioned something about having visitors, a couple of 'guys' standing near our packs on the shore. As we rowed closer, my friend declared, 'Those are apes!' My back was to them as I rowed.

"I turned to see them. They weren't huge. The largest was perhaps six foot. The other was maybe four feet tall and a darker color, almost a dark brown. We thought them perhaps a female and her offspring. They didn't run. They watched us as we watched them. Only when we started to drift closer did they seem nervous and begin to move about. They were graceful and not at all fierce-looking. Finally, they just walked away toward the boulders and we lost sight of them about halfway up the cliff.

"I am not a very good artist but here is the nearest I could come to putting the Bigfoot on paper. It seems the head was longer than in my drawing and the mouth seems wrong. I may have been trying to empathize the gentleness I saw in the creature."

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