A police officer tells of a sighting, police dept. told to keep quiet

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Date: , 1970 's (early)
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
Sweet Home
Nearest road:





Description of event: Ms. Grant lived next to a police officer in Sweethome, OR. She said he
came over one day shaken, and he had been sworn to secrecy. In the early
1970's, he had an early evening report from Manns Ridge, that people from
California were moving into a new house on the ridge, and had heard noises
from the garage. A huge head appeared above the garage door, from where it
had been stooped over looking at stuff in boxes. It left, stepping over a
barbed wire fence and loped off. The creature was described as bad smelling
and of a really dark color. Silver and black hairs from the fence were
analyzed and said to be of no known species (Oregon State Univ. Ms Grant
thought) The Police had been ordered to keep quiet to avoid a panic. The
Californians never moved into the house. Ms. Grant had a grandma that lives
in a cabin on the ridge (T14S R5E).

Source: The Track Record #41
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