Couple sees Bigfoot standing in road near dump holding plastic trashbag file# 00330


Date: , 1992
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Vitae Springs Road

old city dump


Description of event: Steve Williams talked to a Salem City Police officer that said a report
from early spring, 1992, concerned a fellow, Ty, and his girlfriend who were
driving out Vitae Springs Road (T8S R4W-old city dump is out this road), SW
of Salem, OR, at 10 PM. A Bigfoot was standing in the middle of the road
holding a large plastic garbage bag. Startled, the creature dropped the bag
and ran into the darkness. The occupants checked the bag and were surprised
to find it was full of old coffee cups. The cups were turned into the police
along with their story. The witness has kept the mug's around as a gag, and
Steve will see what he can do to retrieve some of them for our museum. The
witness described the creature as on two legs, black, looked surprised, then
squawked at them. Ape-like features, no neck. Checking the area, about a
mile from the Willamette River, Steve talked to a furniture store bookkeeper
that had 20 acres nearby, and never had any problems or heard anything in
the past, but did note that last year he heard strange howling sounds.

Source: The Track Record #76
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