Man smells pungent odor, finds deer carass and hears clicking on tree file# 00336


Date:October 7, 1994
Multnomah county, OR
Nearest town:

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Larch Mt.


Description of event: Randy Fitzell was exploring an area in the woods near Larch Mountain, OR,
T1N R6E, a cut over area with forest on either side. With the wind blowing
from the north, he became aware of a very pungent odor coming from the
darkness of the woods. Even though it made him feel light headed, he
searched around, and did find a dead deer carcass, but the odor was not
coming from there. Moving to another area a quarter of a mile away, it was a
half hour later when the smell appeared again. Then he heard clicks on tree
trunks in the woods on a nearby hill overlooking where he was. It was very
loud, like a hundred-pound woodpecker, Randy, like most people, he
got the hell outta' there!

Source: The Track Record #42
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