Motorist observes bipedal creature crossing highway file# 00345


Date:September 16, 2000
Polk county, OR
Nearest town:
Grand Rhonde
Nearest road:
hwy 18
middle of the night
About 5 miles west of the spirt mountain casino just past the first set of passing lanes


Description of event: I was driving home early in the morning from work when a large creacher cross the hiway infront of my car. It was walking upright and took the road in 3 large steps.

ALSO NOTICED: Odor, there was a smell of an musty old canvas tent when it is wet

OTHER WITNESSES: just myself

OTHER STORIES: after telling a couple of friends of what happened they told me that strange things have happened in that corridor

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 3:30am weather was clear

ENVIRONMENT: wooded coastal mountain ranges

Follow-up investigation report:

Witness is an experienced hunter and is not absolutely certain that what he saw was a bigfoot. Whatever he saw crossed a two-lane highway in three steps and walked/ran on two legs. It is a forested landscape that borders the highway on both sides, and witness noticed a musty smell "like wet tent-canvas" as he drove past the location of the sighting.

Source: BFRO
record updated:2002-07-05 00:00:00