Man sees 8' tall BF while gold panning file# 00346


Date:August 7, 1994
Polk county, OR
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Description of event: Steve Williams talked to a witness who told of a Bigfoot sighting on
August 7th. One mile west of the town of Valsetz, OR (T8S R8W, area now
closed due to fire danger) on the South Fork of the Siletz River. The
witness was panning for gold and said he smelled something, and saw BF
staring at him from over the rim of his glasses. He started talking to it
softly, and it walked away. The man-gorilla was about 8 foot tall, and the
witness headed for his car. On the drive out, he saw another one standing in
the trees. For those of you wearing skepticals, the man is very lucky, as he
says he's seen 40 or 50 of the creatures.

Source: The Track Record #40
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