Joe Raab finds a 'Bigfoot Highway', over 100 tracks file# 00356


Date: , 1996
Tillamook county, OR
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Description of event: First up was Joe Raab, who had found several Bigfoot tracks near the
Nehalem River in coastal Oregon, near the boundary of the Tillamook Nat.
Forest. He also brought, and introduced his wife, Kelley, who spends a lot
of time in the field with him. Joe found what could be considered a "Bigfoot
Highway," around a hundred tracks being found in one area, both going uphill
and downhill. There were six Bigfeet present at one time or another, and
were around for a period of six weeks. He found the site while deer hunting,
Oct. 21-22, 1996. There was also some diggings in the soil (see diagram in
TR #65), which may or may not have been done by Bigfoot. A second trip two
weeks later revealed some broken alder trees and new tracks.

Labor Day weekend they heard the snap of a tree, and heard five human-type
steps. Joe grabbed the video camera, but wasn't quick enough to get a
picture of the thing that went into a thicket that he estimated was only 60
feet away...he didn't go into the thicket. Castings of two tracks had been
taken and were displayed at the meeting. One 16 1/2 inch and another 12 1/2
inch track. A 9 1/2 inch track was not plaster casted. A scar on the 16 1/2
inch track was noted when it re-appeared ten miles away in a different

Henry Franzoni noted that an 80 year old Indian woman had related a tale of
Wild-Woman and Wild Man in the same area from about 1870. This was published
in the book "Nehalem-Tillamook Tales," OSU Press, Elizabeth Jacobs. Joe had
commented that he had been to the area many times and recorded tracks on
10/20/96-8 1/2 X 5 1/2; 11/3/96-12 1/4 X 7 1/2; 1/18/97-13 1/2 X 7 1/2;
7/20/97-16 1/2 X 8 1/2; and 8/3/97-24 1/2 X 12 inches. This indicates that
various creatures are passing through the area in winter and summer.

Source: The Track Record #74
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