Family sees stooped-over creature walking along forest line file# 00367


Date:July , 1991
Umatilla county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 84


Hwy 84 in the Umatilla National Forest by Emigrant Springs State Heritage Site (a park)


Description of event: Me and my family were having a picnic at a spot off of the old hwy near 84 called Deadmans Pass. We had just started to eat when one of the kids saw what at first we thought was a black bear across a ravine in small meadow about a 1/2 mile or so away by the forest line. It was just sitting there swaying back and forth. We watched this thing for about four or five min. when it stood up that's when we found out that it was no bear. It was very big at least 7ft or more tall and it walked kind of stooped over. And it went into the woods which was at least 15 yards to its right in three or four big steps. No bear can do that! it was a clear summer day and we saw it very well. I was born in Washington and had heard of Sasquatch before. I've seen the P/G film and what I saw looked & moved very much the same.

OTHER WITNESSES: Having a family outing; setting up for a picnic

ENVIRONMENT: pine forest small valley meadow about the 4000 ft mark by old hwy 84

Source: BFRO
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