Late night sighting by family along Hwy 126, near McKenzie Bridge file# 00440


Date:March 19, 1977
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
McKenzie Bridge
Nearest road:
Hwy 126
light rain
Highway 126 approx 10 miles East of McKenzie Bridge


Description of event: I was traveling home from Bend after picking up my children and we were about about 10 miles east of McKenzie Bridge when I saw a large creature standing beside the road on the left side. I only saw it for a few seconds and it was perfectly still with it's hands hanging down at it's sides. I judged it to be well over 6 feet tall. I said "What in the heck was that?" as we passed by. My wife was with me in the front and she said she didn't know. As soon as I could I turned the car around and went back for another look but there was nothing there to be seen. There were 3 adults and three children in the car and all but the smallest child saw the creature. I know this took place many years ago but the scene is still vivid in my mind. Twenty years after this incident occured my wife and were talking about it and I mentioned it standing on the left side of the road and she said "The left side? The one I saw was on the right side!" Chills ran down my spine when she said that. We had talked about the incident many times but this was the first time we realized we had both seen different creatures!

There were 3 adults and 2 children who saw the creature. We were just talking and prior to the sighting.

ENVIRONMENT: Beside the highway embankment. Small vegetation on embankment

Source: BFRO
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