Fishermen followed by curious creature file# 00445


Date: , 1990s
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Cascade Lakes Highway

a creek near Near Wickiup Reservoir


Description of event: I talked to a laid off forestry worker who was attending Lane Community College in the displaced workers program. He related that back in the early 90's he and a co-worker had driven up a dirt road along a creek to do some fishing. As they walked towards the creek they heard splashing and when they emerged from the forest they saw at a distance of maybe 100 ft, a bigfoot standing in the creek. It stared at them. They stared at it then finally broke and fled back to their pickup. They ran through the forest and up an embankment to the road. As he was getting into the truck this fellow said he looked down the embankment to see that the BF had followed them and was staring up at them. He said that it was peering up under a branch which it held up with it's hand and had a look of curiosity on it's face. He jumped in the truck and they left.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES: Walking to a creek to fish.

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE: He said that it was big, hairy and scared the hell out of them.

Source: GCBRO
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