Man watches two creatures near Ell Lake file# 00518


Date:may , 2002
unknown county, WA
Nearest town:
eastern wa
Nearest road:
no info
cold but nice and worm


Description of event: hi my name is anth and this is so true
well its me my dad his friends
but i guess i was the only one up and herd it no one els said any thing so i keep quiet
any who what happen was i woke up went out side and had a very ODD smell out side thot it was a bear smell but bigger and nastier smell it was little cold cloudy and full moon to and more of wormwell i went and sat down notice it was am but not sure what time its at ell lake area in eastern WA
sat down looked at moon then herd a few noises like foot steeps and looked around didn't see any thin but i herd a thump thump like they fell or they just sat down no clue one was up the trail and the other one up the hill of the way kinda cool and little scary so all i did was listing on there talking and thumping on wood and screaming as people say they r but its more like monkeys yelping hard to describe but so after they were done stood up took my nit lite and infrared one to and see if i see anything and i Fn did one was setting down and not looking at me thank God i was not walking i was just setting down on a tree stump and watching and man i was happy to see them to the other one was on the other of r camping area up the hill and i saw him and he was standing up and it was something this one was like 6ft9 and big hairy to not sure of color cuss of the dark the other one 7ft
and same but diff it was kinda hard to see them in the night glasses but what i saw was just cool the other one the 6ft was looking at me turned its head slow but little fast but with soon saw eyes going a little mad look and then herd the other one saw it get up then looked at me and that one was a little closer but wasn't scared but ODD look on its face like it was a f but not sure but ODD thing it didn't walk away or move fast wen i got up to zoom in more and its face looked very diff then the other it looked more like a female human then the other so i thot this one was f and the other was m and i was kinda worried cuss the m one was quiet and moved to a diff spot and so i went back setting down on the stump see the f one she setting down moaning and hitting wood then herd big noise like it was the m one runing or steping fast like iv herd of so i found him and he was geting closer so i just stayed quiet and watched so he stoped and nere the creek and took a few drinks then stud up and then looked aat me with that snear face like he didnt like me being there or somthing so i just went back at the f one and she was still setting there quiet just waiting for the m one or just there so went back looked at the male and hes setting down looking for fish or somthing in water and watching me no idea y or somthing els so i get up slowly like them and they started to yelp u no talk again and she gets up gos down the hell were he is and he stays and watchs me there and i started walking away from them and i went up the hell were she came and there both together on the creek
hes looking at me like i was a nother b-f but shorter i was like wlaking like them so i can see if they would falow but didnt just set and watch so the f one gos to a tree behind him and he gos to her and she gets up and they both look at me so im go back down like them and there like chatin quiet i can do the noise to but hard to say if u seen the movie mimic its little simaler to that but louder and diff so i go back to my stump and grab a stick and hit the tree next to me and the m one did the same it was cool and od but he stop they both went and walked off and i sent back to my mortor home and fell a sleep next day went back to the spot were both and were she was but didnt find any foot prints but toes man big and did find hair but it was cow hair thoe found out so i hope next time i go there i find foot prints and bring me cam:) let me no what ya think

record updated:2003-12-07 00:00:00