Sighting at an elk ranch file# 00523


Date:may 09, 2003
Clatsop county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
partly sunny


Description of event: We were walking around Dawns elk ranch. Then all the sudden all of the elk started running around franticly.
Me and my friend thought it was a couger or something.we sat there for 20 minutes at least. Everyone of the elk were looking back at were they came from. which i thought was really weird.
Then all the sudden I swear to god I saw it.I swear to god, BIGFOOT it was a hairy ape, man looking thing. It was about 8 to 8'6 foot tall. very muscular and walked on it hind legs.
It was walking in a fast pace like it needed to be somewere in a hurry. I grabed my shotgun and shot 2 in the air. It ran straight for the brush and we never seen it again. the smell
of the thing smelt like hanace garbage and shit mixed together.
when I fired the first shot it picked up a big rock and flung it at us. Too bad we were 100 yards away.
He came pretty close to hitting us. thats when I laid down the law. I piped another shell and laid it right on him. Thats when he took off.
Thats then last I seen of him or her.

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