SCreams heard near Whitehall, NY file# 00531


Date:may , 1969
Washington county, NY
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
doug street
cool clear
early morning
It was what we call around the mountain in Whitehall,NY. I was just a ten year old boy and used to get up early every moring to feed our two horses. This morning was cool, springlike. I heard a noise as I went outside. I went to the back of our house which is approximately 1-2 miles north of the village of Whitehall on North William street, then take a left on Doug street and go about another 1/4 mile till you hit the top of the hill. Right on the left was the house I used to live in. there is a field out back with a swamp and it used to be a big car dump.


Description of event: I used to get up early every moring before school and feed our two horses. I heard a loud screeching sound out back and went around the house to see what it was. I thought I saw some movement way down by the swamp so I went closer. As I was getting close to the edge of a row of trees a large hairy creature stepped out from behind a tree and took off running. He could move very fast and almost with no sound! I was scared and took off running the other direction. I think I told my mom but she didn't believe me so I never told anyone else until now.

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