Horrible smell, 8' figure seen near rest area

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Date:december , 2002
Pierce county, WA
Nearest town:

Nearest road:

Haze/ Light rain
late afternoon
I cant give an exact location, Our car stopped at a rest stop on our way to visit my aunt in oregon


Description of event: it was a late afternoon and we had left a few hours before from our home town of Mukilteo, Washington in Snohomish county, we were on our way to Rockaway, Oregon in tillimook to visit my aunt. about 3/4ths through Pierce county we stopped by a rest area near thik, lush, dense forest and a swampy area. After going to the bathroom, I decided to walk around the area about ten minutes later of wandering I smelled almost a wet dog/ compost heap smell, IT was slightly dark out but visible enough to find my way around, I checked all over my body to see if the smell was coming from me, But whatever it was must have been strong cause usualy the light washington rain mats down smells,I looked all over to see what the smell could be, as I continued on I felt like I was being watched, as I looked around I heard a large crack about 40 feet behind me, I turned and saw a large dark figure in the lush, as going through my head I thought it was a bear so I didnt move, But as I looked It seemed to be over 8 feet tall, I thought that bears can be that tall if they were standing, But I think that it new I was looking back at it cause it took off running like nothin ive ever seen, so I knew it wasnt a bear. The strangest of it all was that I think it was observing me. Im hoping that this helps to destroy the "myth" and make it a fact.

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