Vocalization heard near apartment building

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county, CA
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Front porch of the Managers Apartment


Description of event: Around 1 am my mother woke me up and told me she just heard a scary sound and she wanted me to hear it too. I went out side and waited,then about 5 min. later I was about to go back in when I heard the sound. It was a combination of howl,screaching,yipping,grunting. It made my hairs stand on end. It lasted for about 15 sec. then I went and woke my father up so we could go look for what made that sound. We searched the property line and everywhere in between and found nothing and didn't hear it again. The next day my next door nieghbor tells us that about the same time someone was outside her bedroom window. Her blindes were pulled so all she saw was a shadow pass her window. She didn't think anything of it until I told her that the bottom of the window in question was about 1.5ft above my head, and I am 5ft8in.

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