Sleeping bowhunter awakens to crashing in brush, horrible stench file# 00682


Date:november , 2002
Clatsop county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
logan road
early afternoon
few miles behind gravel pit, logan road


Description of event: While bowhunting in late nov or early dec of 2002, i fell asleep against a tree stump. about an hour later i was suddenly woken when i heard a crashing sound in the brush behind me. the woods were very dense, maybe 50 to 100 feet behind me is where i think i heard the noise. i heard heavy breathing almost like a a grunt of some sort. at first i thought it might me an elk so i grabbed my bow and looked around the stump. there was a smell in the air, kinda like a really dank stench. not too horrible though. i was alittle creeped out. i sat still for about 10 minutes and the breathing stopped and all became quiet again. i packed up my stuff and got the hell out of there. i had a feeling something was out there. it could have been an elk, but i was eating lunch before i napped. i don't think and elk would wander that close and dissapear like that. anyways, it scared the hell out me.

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