Boy Scout hears something large and bipedal walk through camp at night file# 00754


Date:august 12, 1999
Klamath county, OR
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night not sure
I was at summercamp (camp Makualla) I was a boyscout and was 10 years old... I went on a canoing trip with my troop (22) and we went to a secluded area. so I don't know where

this is camp directions:

Driving Directions
From the North
Take Hwy 58 to the Crescent Lake Junction. Turn right
(west) on Crescent Lake Road. It is appro ximately 11
miles form Crescent Lake Junction to the camp gate.
Follow Crescent Lake Road until after you cross the
railroad tracks. After the road makes a sharp left turn,
follow it until the next right hand turn. Look for the
Camp Makualla sign directing you to turn left. The camp
is approximately 1 mile off Forest Service Road 6020.
From the South
Take Hwy 97 to Hwy 58. At approximately mile marker
76.6 you will turn left of Forest Service Road 6020.
Follow this dirt road approximately 6.5 miles until you
see a sign indicating a right turn into Camp Makualla.
After you turn right at the camp gate, the parking lot is
approximately 1 mile.
To Klamath Falls
F.S. Rd 6020
R.R. tracks


Description of event: I went on a canoing trip with my troop (22), well we made a nice fire.. and made some apple cobbler and another type i'm not sure what kind but it was cobbler as well..., (we had dinner before we left to the place we were going to stay the night at, at the main camp) so we ate the cobbler and went to sleep under the stars in sleeping bags in a circle around the fire pit. with the cobbler (in the dutch oven) in the fire pit. there were spaces between us. it was a big circle with about 8 people... well I woke up in the middle of the night, I can never forget the footsteps they were like a step-pause-step-pause-step-pause it just kept walking.. by me... I had my whole body in my sleeping bag... and I was so afraid that I couldn't do anything... I had to urinate really badly i tried to look what time it was but my watch was on the wrong setting to see what time it was and if I changed it, it would make sound so I was afraid to change to see what time it was so I guessed it was around 2 am.. there was no sound... other than the sound of the footsteps.. they were loud thumps... nothing could make that thump that i heard (meaning like other animals) it was incredible to me but I was scared to death.. it walked right next to me (I had a black sleeping bag) and I think it was trying to find the cobbler, and investigate what we were doing there in his/her woods... it walked for a while and paused for a while and walked again and paused again for about an hour but I was scared and in a sleeping bag and had to urinate so it just might be what I was thinking it was, well after awhile the footsteps started walking away and went back into the woods... I fell asleep after a while... and when I woke up the next morning I asked everyone in the troop if they heard the footsteps I heard or seen anything... they didn't. I looked all over for footprints but didn't find anything... if I was to be able to go back to that camp it was so incredible to me that I could never forget the spot... but I would have to canoe to it and that's where I could find the spot.

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