Hunter hears bipedal walking near campsite at night file# 00765


Date:september , 2003
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
sisters or detriot
Nearest road:
don't recall
mild no rain
between the highway from salem to sisters and the highway from lebenon and sisters near three pyrimids area.


Description of event: I was hunting deer and bear with two buddies of mine. it was the second weekend othe high cascade deer season. We shot a bear just before dark and could not find it. The clearcut was very brushy and beginning to get very grown over. We decided to go to the pickup drive to the top of the hill two hundred yards or so pull over and back into a wide spot to spend the night. My buddies slept just behind my truck and I slept in the canopy with the tailgate and canopy door open. sometime inthe night near midnight give or take an hour on either side I was awakend by very loud footsteps when I sat up to look outside (the moon was so bright one could read by it)I saw no one. This is a very remote area we saw no campsights near by so I was surprised to hear someone walking down the road. I rolled over to see if the guys were still there. They were and both asleep. The foot steps were loud and fast I should have been able to see the person becouse it sounded so close. I then realized he had to be exteamely heavy.I was about to roll over to sit up and look out again when it stopped. It had come around corner and saw the truck and stopped. I was afraid to move soI just lay silently and listened. Ten I heard light footfalls,it was sneaking up on us.It snuck up to the font of truck.Then I could hear it slowly work it's way to the back. My head was out on the tailgait if I tuned my head up and back I would have been able to see it but I was to afraid to move. It then went back around the front of the truck and stopped for a few moments.I thought it would leave then. I new this was not a four legged animal.I've heard deer and elk as well as other animals on gravel roads and this was definetly bi- pedel.Now it began to sneek down the other side of the truck to he back and stand just above and behind me.This time I tried to look but it was just too close tofar back to see without turning my head and body and I was un willing to do that.This time I could slightly hear it breathing. Then it sneeked back to the road waited there for for aminute or two then loud and fst down the road it went. WE were parked on a long curve so when I finally looked out it had just gone out of sight.I was awakened lter when a deer came up to our spot and it was very diferent.It snorted at us then crashed down throuh the brush. The next day I asked the guys if thay heard anything. They said they heard the deer.I didn't tell them about the footsteps.I looked for evedence but found nothing clear enough.We found the bear packed it out and I haven't gone back.

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