Sighting of a large, reddish-brown creature in Gifford Pinchot file# 00766


Date:june , 2000
Pierce county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:


Me and my older brother were out hunting near Gifford Pinchot National forest.


Description of event: I spotted a large brownish red hairy creature walking upright swinging its arms up a 45 degree hill. We were overlooking an old logging road. I had my binoculars and could see detail about its face. The creature turned and looked at us my brother wanted to shoot it I wouldn't let him. I noticed it first as we drove around corner. Tt was to my right walking up hillside swinging it's arm's in the distance. It turned it upper body to look at us watching it. It looked right at me, looked like an cave man about 81/2 foot tall brownish red hair all over it body. I smelled skunk in the air. Then when we came around the other corner and I caught it going into the treeline on my left. I also found large foot prints - wish I had some plaster with me. Next time I will. I want to go back this Spring or Summer to follow up investigation into our sighting. I sent Grover Kratz a hair sample collected at gate crossing and he confirmed it was gigantipithicus. similar to that of the skookum cast 2000.

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