Footprints and large scat observed near location of new home file# 00770


Date:September , 2003
Mason county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Harstine Island Rd
overcast, no rain
mid morning
I would like this location confidential as I don't want unexpected visitors.


Description of event: I am building a house on my property and the septic system was just installed the previous day. I was walking around just looking at the drain field that was all rough and dug up. It was not yet smoothed out as the county still had to inspect it.

I was over by the woods at the end of the drain field looking for more bones to a deer skull we found while digging the field. I found some huge footprints in the dirt that were pretty deep. I barely made a print. I took some pictures but they didnt turn out as good as I wish they had and I forgot to place something next to the prints to gauge how big they were. The prints were probably about 14 to 16 inches long and I could only find a couple, like it came out of the woods and inspected the dug up area and turned around and left again.

I always go down there now and look for any other sign but I dont find any. There are quite a few game trails by this area and alot of trees broken off way up but this could of been from the ice storm we had a few years ago. The drain field has since been smoothed out and I havent noticed any more tracks. But I did find a huge pile of scat behind the house. Abnormaly large. Looked almost like human or dog but big.

The neighbors say there are very large coyote that hang around on the property at night. They say they are about the size of German Shepards. But this scat is huge for a coyote. It is right next to some firewood I have piled up next to where I want to build a fire pit. The house is now done and I am waiting for my final inspection from the county so I can move in.

Its kind of creepy out there at night but I love it. It is very peaceful and if it was there you could probably sense something watching you. I've had the hair on the back of my neck stand up before leaving the house at night. Maybe its just because Im thinking about what could be out in the woods.

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