Creature spotted by teens with a spotlight file# 00795


Date:February 21, 2004
Grays Harbor county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Balch Road
a little rainy


Description of event: Well it was the weekend of a local basketball tournament weekend I was driving around, killing time, waiting for my brother to play his game. I saw a creature about 8 feet tall and it ran towards the fence. Then it got scared and turned in to a local open field. About 15 minutes later I went and told my brother and sister (they were involved with the sighting too).

We went back the second time and we saw the creature walking up the gravel road. Luckily I brought a spot light with me. I shined the light's beam as we got up to the creature. We must have been 100-200 feet away from it. I got out of the car and shined the spot light on the creature. It stopped and I took the spot light off of it. It ran toward the car then I shined the light at it again. It stopped for bout 10 seconds. I kept the spotlight on the creature as it ran towards us one last time. Then I honked the horn and it ran into the open field. It was a scary experience to deal with but we all knew what the creature was, "Bigfoot".

The field has lots of trees but the center of the field is more open if i would've followed the creature it would have been easy to find and track down but we were all scared so we left.

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