Stomping, tree shaking, witnesses chased out of the woods file# 00836


Date:april 24, 2002
Benton county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Botkin Rd
Overcast 60's
late afternoon
7 miles out of philomath on highway 34 (alsea highway)
left on botkin rd about 1.5 miles up you come to a clearing and you will find a switchback road which is on the right side.. there is a tank trap which incures walking up the trail... there is an akward feeling when you start walking up... once at the top there if a big opening heli-copter pad


Description of event: a buddy and my self road our bikes up the road to check out the old helicopter pad which we had been told of buy our neighboors..

as we got the top we heard hard stomping almost like there was to diffrent animals up there with us... about 10 feet from us we heard a loud crack and then a madrone tree started to shakek violently the it stoped then again the tree shook ... my firend and i thought it was a joke.. so we picked up a rocks and started to throw them in the genral direction of the tree.. we scared it off for a little while but then the tree stared to shack and a rock was thrown back... we decided to jet fearing a bear or something we road down the road we could hear one on each side of the road stomping almost like chaseing us out of the forest...... i have been up there 4 times since then and find it imposable for the tree to shake as it did.... but since then i have had 2 more encounters with the "Stomping Beast" in that genral area...

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