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Date:July 20, 2004
Alpine county, CA
Nearest town:

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pre dawn dark hours
I would like it to remain confidential.


Description of event: I was camping w/ family. We thought we heared a bear and kept hearing twigs and branches breaking. We did not see a bear so we all slept in my truck. We had my mom's night vision and I was looking in the direction of the noises for about 30 min. There were people with about 5 horses camping next to us and that is where the noises were comming from but all of the horses were sleeping. I got tired of looking so I tried to fall asleep but kept hearing noises. So, thinking I was about to see a curious bear I lifted the night vision up. I saw what I thought was a man staring straight back at me. I could tell that he saw me. He stood perfectly still. It is hard to judge size through the night vision so I thought the man camping next to us might have heard the bear and was checking on his horses. Then I realized that there is no man that has 3-4 feet in height over a standing horse. Then I realized it was bigfoot. I knew he saw me so I lowered the night vision to see if I could get a better view of his coloration but it was pitch black. I lifted the night vision again just as he bent in half and started mimicking the movements of the recently awakened horses. He was swaying his head back and forth exactly as they were, like he was trying to blend in with them. I did not feel threatened by him so I just turned off the night vision and tried to go to sleep. I knew exactly what I had seen when I heared my brother in law, whom I thought had been asleep say, "I think I see a man standing over there!"

I just said yeah. I didn't tell him who it really was until morning.

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On 07/31/2009, witness was contacted via email and gave the following additional information:

The sighting was in Alpine County, California. The horses reacted very strangely because I have always known horses to spook easily when they encounter wild animals, but they were very content and calm. When I first saw him he had one hand on the horse's mane. It looked like he might have been petting it. Bigfoot looked more curious than threatening. When he realized he was being watched he took one step to the left and squared himself up with a tree and stood very still. When I looked again, he was bent over mimicing the movements of the horses, swaying his head back and forth. They all where almost syncronized, almost trance-like.

I believe I did have a red light on the night vision (the little red light). Mine had a little red light that could be seen. I think that is what he noticed I don't think he could see me personally. Shortly after I saw him I felt unusually safe and calm. My sister and brother-in-law were sleeping in the back of the truck and I didn't know, but my brother-in-law had been looking over in the same direction because all he heard was the initial growling. Fearing that there was a bear in our camp he was "standing guard" worried about my sister who was pregnant at the time. Less than a min. after I laid the night vision down, He whispered to me through the window "I think I see a man standing over there." I just told him it wasnt a man and to go to sleep. At one point in the night I remember getting a whiff of a really strong putrid the time I just attributed it to sleeping in close quarters with others, and didnt ask questions but I've never known a human to make that smell since!

I slept hard until the morning. In the morning there was a human looking "turd" for the lack of a better word :) directly outside of the truck full of animal hair, but I didn't think anything of it until later that evening I just figured it was a coyote or something. I saw the face very clearly. It was strange for me to process it because I never believed that a bigfoot would have a cone shaped head, but it was indeed slightly coned. His mouth was slightly potruded with minimal hair. His nose looked almosed human. Pug-nosed. He had a strong browbone and suprisingly his eyes where huge and almost perfectly round. His massive muscles where most impressive and, contrary to other accounts that I've heard of, his body ratio was more like a man than an ape. His legs where not short in comparisson to his body they where long and muscular and he stood straight not hunched. The color of his fur suprised me. In the night vision it appeard verylight brown or maybe very light gray in comparison to the dark brown of the tree bark behind him. His hair was very long and straight It seemed very shinny and tame though there where patches of skin showing through around the chest area.

[When I mentioned that the witness reported finding footprints and how she measured them the following was her report]

We did but we had to wait for the people camped there to leave. We used just the comparison of my dad's foot and grandfather's cowboy boot. They led slightly up the dirt road then they disappeared into the thick pine-needle foliage that cover the mountain. The surrounding area was not disturbed accept for a couple of broken tree branches and smashed down sage brush. I dont believe any important details were left out. But the feeling that this incident presented is very special. It was unusual because I felt absoloutely NO fear. I felt peaceful, safe, and calm. He is indeed a majectic creature with a more than earthly understanding and existence.

I only say the hair looked light brown or maybe gray because it was a lighter color in contrast to the tree bark which I know was dark brown. So it could have been light blue for all I know but the color was a lot lighter than dark brown was the comparison I was trying to make. I'm not sure what brand of night vision it was, its just a small one lensed unit not a professional Night Vision, just the kind they sell at Big Five sporting goods.

I don't know if anybody else had "weird feelings" because as far as they all knew ...they assumed it was a wild animal such as a bear or something so they experienced an initial feeling of (fear /Danger). I am the only one who saw the full detailed figure because I was the only one with the night vision, and I didnt share my sighting until the next morning.

I am Native American so there is a sort of respect factor there for this creature. I felt that he allowed himself to be seen by me and I did not want to draw any negative attention to him at that time so I waited until he was well on his way. The sighting felt how I would imagine a spiritual encounter would be. I don't know how everybody processed the encounter but despite the fear of what might be out there we all had the common feeling to "just leave it alone." Which was suprising because the first notion when encountering a wild animal in your camp is to run it off. We made sure we weren't in immediate danger, but we all just left it was unspoken but understood by all of us.

When I saw him he was standing to the left of the horse and had one hand on the neck and mane as if somebody would pet and talk to a horse. That is exactly what it looked like. The horse was very aware of him. There seemed to be some kind of "understanding" between them. It almost seemed that they knew each other or were communicating in some way. There was no fear or bad feelings at all. The horse was simple looking back at him as if he was contently listening.

[Witness said she will scan and email me a copy of the drawing she made of the creature on Monday] Investigator

Buckeye, Az

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