Hiker describes finding tracks, other evidence

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Date:august 31, 2004
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
marion forks
Nearest road:
maxwell butte snow park
mid morning
1 mile up maxwell butte trail I turned right(south)and headed cross country for approx. 1 mile. I would have to take someone up in there to show exact location or draw a map, but its a big area and it would be
hard to find.


Description of event: While I was cutting cross cuntry from Maxwell Butte trail to some reprod above my camp, I found two impressions and a dung pile unlike any I've seen before. The prints were about a 1/4 mile apart but on the same ridge and identical in size. Both having a promonent big toe impression. The dung pile was 12-14 inches in length and big around as a 50 cent piece. I also had a visitor outside my tent at 4 am on last night. I was awake and drinking coffee in dimly lit tent. I keep gas lantern down low to cut down noise and listen for bugling elk, so I should have heard any animal approach tent but I heard nothing until a sliding-scaping sound followed up with a loud thud (like a person sliding of a log or a stump)just a few feet outsite tent. I listened for critter to leave but I heard no sound, it concerned me that nothing ran away so I grabed axe and went outside and yelled but still know movement. It was big, the thud it made was louder than I could make stomping on the ground, I forgot to mension that right before sound I heard a low growl that made me look down at my stomache and wounder why I didn,t feel my stomach growling, it was low and long and I thought it was me at first.

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