Man sees creature flee into woods and hears screams several times as a boy file# 00898


Date:October , 1979
Whatcom county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Pacific Hwy.
Cold and Clear


Description of event: I grew up in Bellingham, Washington, right next to the Lumni Indian Res. In approximately '78 I had a sighting at approximately 11:00pm while driving down Pacific Hwy a few miles north of Bellingham. It was on the side of the road and saw it as I drove past. I stopped, backed up, and caught it again as it ran into the woods.

We lived, at the time, in a very rural area, dense woods with miles of forest. Due to our area we had large well trained German Shepard dogs that were afraid of nothing. Except BF. When it would start screaming at night the dogs would try to break down the door to get in the house. From '78 to approx '84 or '85 we would hear it somewhat regularly. We kept it to ourselves and didn't tell too many people.

At times my father was so afraid he would sit in the living room with a loaded .44 mag in his lap. The sounds were that close. Our living room was all big glass windows and you couldn't see a thing outside unless all lights were turned off. Getting goose bumps just thinking about it again.

I do not have much of an opinion on what BF is. I just know it exists. Deep inside I am torn as to whether a BF should be video taped, captured or proven. If this happens, life for BF, may
well be over.

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