Man hears strange whistling vocalization near family cabin file# 00959


Date:june , 1994
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
unknown, logging road
Fair, just a bit overcast
early afternoon
Mehama area, near little north fork. This location is aprox 1-2 miles back on a logging road that goes past a cabin that is family owned. Rest of location information confidential.


Description of event: This incident was relayed to me by my dad just a few years ago. My dad is a very level headed, grounded man. He said he didn't say anything to anyone for a while because he wanted to keep this incredible experience to himself.

My father lives in southern Cal. and was up visiting my step-mother's (his wife's) mother and father. Grandpa was dying and I guess dad just needed some time alone so he decided to take a walk. It was a pleasant day, not too hot, just perfect for a hike. Dad said he had never taken this direction before, but that he had decided to try it this time.

He said he had been walking uphill for sometime just enjoying the sights and fresh air when he decided he needed a rest. He saw a downed log on the side of the road ( the side that goes down towards the river), when he heard a very unusaul sound. He described it as almost a scolding sound. A "Ttttttt" combined with a whistle.

Immediately he became very still and the hair on the back of his neck stood up he also reported goose bumps. He said this noise was repeated again and he said there was no mistaking the meaning. He had to leave the area fast. He sad he got up and looked around all while moving away from the area heading down hill toward home, which was a good 2 miles away. He said he moved at a fairly good pace but did not dare run. He sad this was all kind of a sixth sense kind of thing. Inborn you might say. The noise was never repeated. He was not followed either.

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