Diversionary rocks thrown near witness

Oregonbigfoot.com file# 00996


Date:December , 2004
Klickitat county, WA
Nearest town:
Glenwood Wa.
Nearest road:
88 Forest Road
early morning
Head waters of summit creek where it dumps into the Klickitat River.


Description of event: Head waters of Summit Creek, where it dumps into the Klickitat River. Hiked about 5 miles up river. Was steelhead fishing and seen a bigfoot at the river's edge and heard one above me, up on the ridge. Threw rocks my direction while other one ran away. I've seen them in this area lots lately, especially late at night crossing roads.

Sighting as i told you above threw rocks at me from above to keep my attention off one. I could see they do this a lot. Very smart creatures. I'm not afraid of them and they know it from my posture I guess, but they hightail it away from me whenever I spot one. I've seen them 7 or 8 times now in the areas described above!!!

Source: oregonbigfoot.com
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